How to survive lockdown with your partner

Saturday, 25 April 2020

During this lockdown, you've either decided to spend it with your partner or without your partner.

Whichever you've decided, there's pros and cons to both...I am spending it with my partner and although it's strengthening our relationship, it also highlights how bizarre these circumstances are since we are seeing each other pretty much 24/7 surrounded by the 4 walls.

Here are some tips which have worked well for us:
  1. When working from home, I work in our room and my partner works in the living room. This means we both have our own space during the day and we have lunch and dinner together. For those who are living together in a smaller space, try and separate the room if you can so you both have your own "work area". 
  2. Being in the same space as your partner means you notice their idiosyncrasies. If you argue or have disagreements, don't give each other silent treatment! Sit down and have a calm conversation stating what you didn't like what the other did, apologise and talk about ways to resolve it so that it doesn't happen again in the future. Silent treatment isn't useful in the long term as you never solve the problem in the first place. 
  3. Split chores! Since you'll be at home a lot, the amount of chores will naturally increase, from the washing up to the laundry! Best thing to do is to split chores, if one cooks, the other should wash up. If one loads the laundry, the other should hang the clothes to dry. 
  4. Yoga or stretching. There is something really relaxing about this, we do this either in the morning before work or before dinner in the evening. If it's in the morning, we like to draw the blinds up so we get some natural sunlight; we do yoga with Adriene on YouTube.
  5. Take a morning walk or evening stroll. We go at these times as less people are out and we'll take the trash out as well then do a quick loop around the block. It helps just to stretch a bit as we're seated for most of the day. Remember to maintain social distancing and wash your hands/shower as soon as you get back! 
  6. We game online together. I installed Counter Strike on Steam and we played a round. It helps to destress from the lockdown and instead of arguing, we shoot each other virtually instead. It's also a good laugh, even if I die a good 90% of the time. 

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