2020 Goals - completed 3 already!

Monday, 3 February 2020

I created a list of my 2020 goals and out of the 6, I've completed 3 already - 2 on the same day!

These were:

  • Baked banana bread (same day)
  • Completed a red climb (same day)
  • Started a new sport (yoga)

I'm slowly coming to terms with my stomach issues. It's not been fun but I've calmed down a lot and also got used to the feeling of the bloating, cramps and nausea. Not exactly what I imagined I had to deal with but then there are worse situations. Guess I have to think positive and look on the bright side. I've already started going to therapy for it as it's left me with some health anxiety where there are times I can get super nervous/anxious about how my day will go but for now, a good day is me getting through the day and making it home again. I used to be a lot more social and I miss that but I can't force myself to do things I used to be able to do, such as party all night, go out and drink. I simply do not have that energy anymore and as much as I'd like to do those things once in a while,  I've decided to focus my energy on my work, health and mental health because it's not worth the risk of backtracking my progress.

I know I look healthy but I've definitely lost weight from this and it's been a real struggle to put it back on. I'm working on it though and it will take some time. It's not easy to understand this, especially if you've never been through this before and I'm not expecting you to either. I'm grateful to both my online and offline friends who have reached out to check up on me every now and then, especially those who have been so understanding and compassionate or been in similar positions and being so accommodating - letting me pick a restaurant for example. Thank you - you know who you are and it's the small things that's made such a big difference and made me feel so appreciated and loved. 

Last weekend, we made dairy-free banana bread! It took roughly 1 hour 10 mins and it was super easy to make. We followed Jamie Oliver's recipe and here's how it turned out:

 I'm super pleased with the results and so glad that I can still treat myself to snacks like these when prior to all this, I wouldn't even have thought twice about what I should/n't eat, especially being such a foodie. Cutting out dairy has helped a lot, I think this was one of the things that caused these flare ups so I'm probably still dairy intolerant. 

Just hoping in the next couple of months, more progress will be made! Fingers crossed!