Stomach problems - part 2

Sunday, 17 November 2019

It's November now - I've seen my nutritionist and had the bio-resonance test again. Most things seem to be ok apart from dairy. Last weekend, we were in Valencia and it was so good to get away from London. London life can be very fast paced but in Valencia, we didn't know anyone there so we were able to chill out, relax, see the sights and enjoy the food. There was no rush to be anywhere at a certain time and that was a good feeling. 

Speaking of I almost felt normal again, I decided to go for a waffle with dark chocolate and lots of sprinkles and marshmallows. Now usually in London, especially after all the trouble I went through, I would think twice about eating something I used to enjoy without thinking about it. On the weekends, I will try to have a donut or apple crumble with custard just to slowly ease myself back into eating this kind of stuff and I've been ok so far so I thought this time I'd also be ok.

So here it is...what I chose and what hurt me for a couple of days:

Sugar overload but I did try my best to knock off some of the sprinkles. If you know me, you would know why this would appeal to me. I just wanted to be normal - like I was before this happened. 

Couple of hours later back in the apartment, I felt heavy, cramped and gassy. Wasn't a good combo. After lying down for a couple of hours, the heaviness passed and I was able to head out for dinner. I was very lucky that there was no vomiting (just a bit of nausea). In fact, through all of this, not once have I vomited - it's just been bouts of nausea which has, with time, decreased. 

But imagine this. You wake up, have breakfast (nakd bar and water) then feel nauseous, as if you're going to throw up, but you never do. It's just the feeling that you MIGHT. You walk to the station to go to work and the nausea hits you again. You reach work and you're able to survive until lunch where you have a jacket potato and baked beans (boring but safe) and then nausea hits again. It eventually passes so you take a walk around the block (sometimes, if I'm lucky, nausea doesn't happen after lunch) but as soon as I finish eating, there is that 1 hour window where I'm panicking about whether I'll be ok after! This is not the way I want to live my life! If you've ever seen Stranger Things on Netflix, that monster inside Will is what I can describe it to you as. It triggers whenever it wants and I can't stop it.

It is a pain to live with - I hate it. It is a distraction and in public, I'm on "high alert mode" when it hits, just hoping it will stop ASAP. I would feel so much better if I didn't have this. People tell me, don't think about it - I'm not, it just happens. Usually within 5 - 10 minutes or so, I feel ok again, ready to operate for the day. That's what got me so upset a couple of months ago, I felt like I would never fully heal. The nausea slowly decreased but now it's back again.

All of last week I've had nausea every single day and this time it has happened after lunch (twice) and also after dinner (once). I haven't had it happen after lunch or dinner before so naturally, I was more worried. 

But what can I do? Just hope for the best and go back to a calmer diet. It's frustrating. There isn't a cure and I wish there was an immediate one - I know I'm not the only one suffering with these symptoms so I feel what you're going through. 

I'm very lucky to have my support network and people I can trust who won't judge me. Having them reassure me and tell me it's going to be ok is enough. The rest, I have to get through myself. 

Things I do which I think help with nausea:

  1. Lie down 
  2. Eat an ice-lolly
  3. Breathe
  4. Distract myself (reading/music/online shopping)
  5. Fresh air
  6. Taking a walk around the block