Mulberry Bag Reveal

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Here is the newest addition to my bag collection...


This is obviously the best colour to pick. I do love pink bags, even though they are more difficult to wear. It also comes in black, oxblood, steel blue, green, beige and another oxblood one Cara Delevigne style with rivets.

Beige, blue and oxblood

I bought mine at the airport so saved a bit (£229.19) and did not pay the full retail price of £275. 

What I like about this bag is that it has a shoulder strap as well as a wristlet strap so you could use it as a shoulder bag or a make up/cosmetics case. There are several card holders inside of the case and it is spacious enough to fit your phone, tissues, lipstick, money, keys and a few other items. 

It's not a bag where I could easily take out but it's so pretty I had to get it. When photographed, the colours look different. It's best to look on the Mulberry website as the colours look most accurate there. It looks more pink in real life than in photos (looks more beige!).

I think I'm on a bag ban for the rest of the year now. 

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