ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System

Sunday, 9 June 2013

At the start of April, I bought ToiletTree's Professional Skin Care System kit from Amazon. It is available in three colours, blue, pink and grey. I decided to go for the light blue one as that is one of my favourite colours! The price is £29.95 which really isn't bad for an electronic face cleanser with 4 rotating heads and AA batteries included! I'm sure you must have heard of Clarisonic's Plus Skin Cleansing System which is priced at £175, 5 times the price of ToiletTree's!

Inside the box, you get a large body brush, two facial brushes, one with soft bristles for sensitive skin and the other medium bristles for normal skin type. The pumice sphere is for removing dead skin cells on your feet. It is really easy to set up, simply insert the batteries into the electronic cleanser and lock it shut with a coin.

I use the medium bristle facial brush with Vichy's Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel and Vichy's Purifying Cleansing Gel. They are both very pleasant smelling. Even if you press the brushes hard against your skin, the rotating head keeps on spinning which is impressive. 

I have not changed the batteries since putting them in and it is still working. I use this at least once or twice a week, in addition to my clay mask routine (once a week). I have seen an improvement in my skin, it feels much smoother and cleaner after using this - it creates so much foam too which is much better than using a manual hand held bristle brush. A tip is to moisturise after you use this so your skin doesn't feel dry.

I would really recommend this if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Clarisonic's Plus Skin Cleansing System. It would make a great gift for yourself or friends/family!


  1. This seems like a better deal than the Clarisonic one! Thanks for posting:)
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  2. This is interesting... Thanks for sharing! Great deal!

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  3. Hello Fiona,
    I don't have this Beauty Gadget yet but I sure love it every time derm clinic use it on me during my facial treatment.
    This is really a nice post!