River Island Biker Jeans

Friday, 28 June 2013

I am really picky when it comes to jeans. The style has to look good, the fit has to be comfortable and the price has to be reasonable! Luckily for me, a trip to River Island meant I walked out with not one, but purchasing two pairs of jeans at a bargain price of £20 each! 

I tried on size 6 in a mid rise superskinny 'Madison' style. The fit was perfect. I love the style too, the zips are not too bulky and it's always good to have extra pockets on jeans. The material of these biker trousers are a stretch cotton and a great alternative to denim. It's not as restricting as I find some denim and shapes you more.

I couldn't decide on which colour to buy so I bought both. This style also comes in dark red, black, dark pink, beige white and green. So many colour choices. I think I picked the best two colours though. ;) The navy will match with most colours and the khaki pair is an interesting not so common shade. I can't wait to wear these more!


  1. Same here, i;m very picky, literally taking some time to find the perfect fit.
    These are real steal!


  2. good jeans are hard to find! love the navy xx

  3. Can't beat a good pair of Jeans! Even more so when they are in the sale! Enjoy your lovely new things.

    Em x

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