10 Minute Face Mask for under £6!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I am going to set myself a challenge. That is, to complete this blog post within 10 minutes. Why? Testing my multi-tasking skills...as I have the face mask on right now whilst typing this blog post, which I will attempt to publish in 10 minutes.

 I have been introduced to Boots - Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask by a good friend of mine. I'm not one for face masks normally as I never have enough time for them but what's 10 minutes? I am glad I picked this up from Boots for £5.49 (normally £6.99, offer on at the moment).

To give this a fairer review, I wanted to use this product at least 3 times before talking about it. I did have doubts initially, mostly as to whether it would irritate my skin, as with all new skin products. Before using this product, do make sure you shake the tube well or else the face mask will come out all runny, which is not the texture you want when applying onto your face.

I suggest you start with a small patch of skin to test whether you are allergic to it before applying to the rest of your face! Directions are simple: squeeze it out of the tube, apply it to your face and smooth over. It doesn't really smell of anything but a bit clay like when washing it off which may be a negative to some people. Leave it to dry (you can feel it tighten on your face) for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. 

On the second and third uses of this clay face mask which uses willowbark as one of its ingredients, I did notice a difference in my skin. The clay mask turns from a shade of dark green/grey to light green which is also a good indicator of when the 10 minutes are up! You use it once a week and the purpose of this face mask is to help cleanse, reduce and remove impurities. After rinsing my face with warm water, my skin felt clean and refreshed! Finish off with a layer of night cream (or anti-stress cream in my case. haha).

At the price of £5.49, you really can't go wrong - it's definitely worth a try. And yes, just finished my blog post in 10 minutes. Challenge completed.


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  6. This is great for someone who is always in a hurry and lazy like me.
    Great review!


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  7. Great review, especially given that you completed your challenge. I could never do a blog post in 10 minutes!

  8. Great review.

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