Let's talk about lipgloss...

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My favourite make up item - lipgloss. I guarantee you will find more than one lipgloss in my make up bag. I probably have more lipgloss in my make up bag than pens (decided I no longer need a pencil case, saves space = saves me from carrying a heavy bag). 

Recently, my 3 most reached for lipglosses have been: 

First impressions of the Shiseido and Kanebo lipgloss: Smells good, sheer colour, moisturising and very sticky. Almost like Lancome's Juicy Tubes. I wasn't too keen on how sticky they were at first but after a while I got used to the texture. The glitter on the Kanebo lipgloss are more visible than the Shiseido lipgloss. I've been using the Shiseido lipgloss every single day before I leave my house and it lasts for several hours before I reapply my mac lipgloss that I carry around with me.

The Lancome lipgloss is great for dry chapped lips, definitely handy for colder months. As always, I will apply Vaseline, then lipgloss on top as I find it gives the best effect. 

What's your must have make up item? Let me know. :)


  1. Anything that is like the Lancome juicy tubes has got to be good! Great post. xo


  2. super cool ! <3

    - A.

  3. nice lipgloss that you've got!
    hmm my must have make up item. well.. mascara, lipbalm, and foundation i would say.


  4. I never wear lipgloss, actually. It always annoys the hell out of me because it's so sticky. These look really nice though, I'd probably wear ones like these if I wore lipgloss.

    xo Sootjeelina