Forever 21 - Socks for autumn/winter!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sorry for no blog updates in a while! Been a hectic few weeks...but I'm back and ready to blog. My friend and I decided to have a browse in Forever 21 on Oxford Street. First thing I noticed when I walked into the store: Woah - has Forever 21 expanded?! I believe it has. It is a lot wider than I last remembered. If I remember correctly, Desigual used to be next to Forever 21? 

I walked into the store with a mission though, so up to second floor we went. I was looking for autumn/winter socks which I can push down and peek out from my autumn/winter boots. I am not so much a fan of autumn/winter, I catch too many colds in autumn and winter. Normally, I like to wear tights in autumn/winter and pair them with shorts or a skirt (rare). I'm not so much of a jeans person anymore - shorts are so much comfier! Who agrees?

I picked 2 pairs, one blue pair which are knee highs and a maroon/oxblood (the IN colour this season) over the knee pair of socks. They feel soft but I have yet to wear them out, I will save them for the colder months. They costed £3.90 each, which I think is reasonably priced, totalling to £7.80.

At the counter when I was about to pay, I was asked whether I have a student card - yes, I do. This is one thing I love about being a student. Student discount. Forever 21 now offer a 10% discount to all students - more reasons to shop there!


  1. I love Forever 21 and I love your socks! The oxblood ones are my fave! x

  2. autumn and winter, brrrr... I hate them. wish summer could last forever! :D we don't have Forever 21 here in Croatia, but I love their clothes. the socks are great, especially those in the color of the red wine! :)

  3. Forever 21 always has the best accessories! I'm so going to look for these next time I go haha.


  4. You can never have too many socks! I love the maroon colour, I need to find a good piece of clothing in that shade.

  5. A good student discount is always a bonus! I haven't really thought about socks for a/w yet but I definitely need to start!