Why I prefer online shopping

Thursday, 14 June 2012

If you know me really well, you will know that I love to shop online. In fact, asos is probably the place I shop at the most if I think about it for both offline and online. You must be thinking why?

For starters, shopping is time-consuming. It takes time for me to travel to and from my shopping destination whereas for online shopping, I can sit in my pyjamas at 3:05am, log onto asos and buy a dress (For those wondering whether I really have done this...yes, I have.) This way, I also avoid the crowds in shops and there's no need to wait 2392304 minutes in a long queue. Shops can often be messy too, making it hard to find what you are after but not for online shopping - there is a search bar, meaning I can find what I'm looking for almost instantly. It stops me from endless browsing and helps me buy things I actually need, not want. Another reason why? asos has so many different brands, it's like shopping at a virtual department store and I don't have to walk to get to the next shop. Online shopping has made my life so much easier. Now you know why!

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