Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

Friday, 8 June 2012

Revlon have a new lip product on the market known as the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters! There are 14 different shades ranging from nude beige colours to bright fuschia pinks. I bought mine a few weeks ago from Boots, it was on offer for £5.99 instead of the usual £7.99. So many YouTube beauty gurus have been raving and reviewing this lip product so when I finally saw it was available for purchase in Boots and add the fact that it was on offer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out! 

There were a few shades to choose from, definitely not all 14 were available. However, it was still tricky to choose a colour regardless! In the end, I decided on shade 045 'Cotton Candy' which is a shimmery light pink colour. The packaging is cute, it has a quilted pattern on the tube and a see through birds eye view window allowing you to see the product colour.

Having tested it on the back of my hand in Boots, the colour seemed rather light and pale. When I put the product on my lips, the colour was as expected - rather light and pale. At first, I applied a thin coat of Vaseline to my lips (as that's what I always do before applying lipstick/gloss) and then glided the lip butter over my lips. The product didn't seem to show at all. Turns out that the lip butter is already smooth enough not to apply Vaseline as a base coat. So I tried again, this time applying just the lip butter. 

My initial thought was that it felt like applying Vaseline. You can see the light pink colour but as the shade I chose was quite light, it wouldn't have shown up that much anyway! Staying power was decent, like any lip product I've tried, you still have to reapply every now and then. Overall, I liked it. It acts like a lipstick, gloss and balm in one! Not bad for the price at all. Do you own a lip butter too? Tell me your thoughts below!

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