Benefit Gals Just Wanna Have Fun Complete Makeup Kit

Saturday, 15 October 2016

This is great. When it is almost Christmas, Benefit drops these awesome Christmas gift sets! This 'Gals just wanna have fun' set was £29.50. The reason why I bought this was solely for the Hoola bronzer and I didn't want the original packaging which I find is quite bulky whereas this one I can store in my make up bag.

What the inside of the box looks includes make up tips and tricks.

Inside the kit. 

1. They're Real mascara (not my favourite mascara as I find the brush too spiky)

2. Hoola bronzer & brush

3. Benetint (for lips and cheeks, I have used this in the past but I'm not really a blush/lip stain person)

4. Gimme Brow (brown gel which enhances your brows, I like this product!)

5. x3 eye shadows and brush (Really pretty wearable shades)

Above: Gimme Brow brush (brush over your eyebrows)

I felt that this was a good buy filled with awesome products and worth the value. Plus, it is already wrapped which is always an added bonus. Only thing you can't remove is the eye shadow...perhaps I haven't tried hard enough but I don't really want to keep the packaging. I'd rather remove all the items from it and store it in my own make up bag. 

Benefit have also released various gift sets so definitely worth checking out if you are looking to treat yourself/others!

When We Were Young - Adele Cover

Monday, 4 April 2016

Hope you enjoy my cover of When We Were Young by Adele!

Special thanks to Shanil Kawol - Kindsense.

Ariana Grande - MAC Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipgloss

Monday, 8 February 2016

On 4th February, Ariana Grande released a lipstick and lipgloss by MAC Cosmetics. 
Every single penny goes to helping those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. 

So I went on my lunch break to buy both...

The lipstick costs £15.50 and the lipgloss costs £14.50. A total of £30 which is almost equivalent to the price of one Chanel lipstick. In other words, it was worth it. The lipstick is a deep matte plum colour. If you lightly dab against your lip, it is wearable in day time. If you then build up the layers, it goes quite dark so would be more suitable for night time. 

The lipgloss is a contrast from the lipstick. It doesn't tingle on your lips though like the other MAC lip glosses which I quite enjoyed but anyway, the colour is very pretty, light and has small specs of glitter. Layering this over the lipstick is great (lipliner needed!) - just don't wear this if it is a very windy day...I speak from personal experience. 

Overall, I am very happy with my buys - a very good start to February!

Dior - Diorblush 866 Rose Sublime

Saturday, 7 November 2015

This is the 2015 Christmas collection for Dior. The blush is shade 866 - Rose Sublime £31. 

It was an impulse buy (1 minute decision or less) but I do not regret it! The colour is light but rose enough to add a bit more colour to your skin. It glows and has tiny gold specs of glitter which makes it so pretty to look at in the compact case! 

It comes with a velvet pouch and also an angled brush which is really useful as you can use the flat side to apply onto your cheeks and use the slanted part to sweep upwards, blend and contour.

I guess this will be an early Christmas present from myself to myself. Can't believe how quickly this year has gone. Only one month left! 

YSL & Dior Makeup

Saturday, 17 October 2015

So I decided it was time to update my make up again...

I bought the new Dior lipstick - After Party 680, a very pretty shimmery pink colour. Glides on smoothly, I am happy. The lipstick tube is amazing too and clicks in place (has a magnetic closure).

This is my make up secret! If you are after longer lashes, you must buy this. The Dior show Maximiser, it really works. Coat this on your lashes before applying your mascara. I received a sample of this before buying the full product (that's how you know it's a good product!).

My favourite mascara is by YSL - I use the Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara. This gift set is available from Boots - £25 and you get a small bottle of eye make up remover and night cream.

Mulberry Bag Reveal

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Here is the newest addition to my bag collection...


This is obviously the best colour to pick. I do love pink bags, even though they are more difficult to wear. It also comes in black, oxblood, steel blue, green, beige and another oxblood one Cara Delevigne style with rivets.

Beige, blue and oxblood

I bought mine at the airport so saved a bit (£229.19) and did not pay the full retail price of £275. 

What I like about this bag is that it has a shoulder strap as well as a wristlet strap so you could use it as a shoulder bag or a make up/cosmetics case. There are several card holders inside of the case and it is spacious enough to fit your phone, tissues, lipstick, money, keys and a few other items. 

It's not a bag where I could easily take out but it's so pretty I had to get it. When photographed, the colours look different. It's best to look on the Mulberry website as the colours look most accurate there. It looks more pink in real life than in photos (looks more beige!).

I think I'm on a bag ban for the rest of the year now. 

blow LTD - Covent Garden Review

Monday, 17 August 2015

I have always walked past blow LTD in Covent Garden when I'm in the area but I have never actually walked in so I decided to book an appointment and try it out. blow LTD is a fast beauty bar so they don't cut your hair but instead, style your hair (wash and blow dry) and there is also the option of doing your make-up and nails too. You can walk in to book an appointment, call or book online.

I had my appointment with a lovely lady called Raji. She explained I could choose one of the styles (there is a board from which you can pick, I went for the straight blow). The best thing about this place is that it takes 30 minutes only! My hair is quite thick so I was very impressed with the end result.

For 30 minutes, the price was £30. You can check out the styles and prices here.
I was offered a complimentary drink so I had a green tea which was nice. 

First, my hair was washed with Kerastase products. Then I was seated and the process began...Raji worked her magic with the hair dryer and straighteners. The music in blow LTD Covent Garden is amazing. They played Ariana and Beyonce! What's not to love?! The mirrors are quite small but Raji took a photo of my hair from the back so I could see the end result...

As you can see from the above, I was extremely happy with the end result! I don't think I've ever received so many compliments on my hair! This is the look I would have every day if it was possible. I would definitely visit again. Thank you Raji and thank you blow LTD! What a brilliant concept. Perfect for those who want results quickly - well worth the risk!